45th Anniversary Apple, Jobs quoted by Tim Cook CEO

Apple celebrated its 45th anniversary on April 1 (local time) after the establishment of Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne. In commemoration of the day, CEO Tim Cook quoted Jobs on Twitter and said he sent an e-mail to all employees asking them to leave something worth saying.

In a tweet celebrating the 45th anniversary, he quoted the words he sent to an employee he hired on his anniversary shortly after joining Apple, saying that it was a good trip so far, but that’s the beginning. It also expresses gratitude to all Apple officials for everything they did to enrich their lives.

According to the contents of a letter from the CEO Timcook sent to an employee in a foreign press, it looks like this. On April 1, 1976, a company was founded in Cupertino. It said it aims to improve human life along the way by creating products that redefine what technology will achieve. 45 years later, Apple explained that it has met this day, not longing for this mission as the past, but determined to continue to keep it.

He said that Apple has changed in several ways over these years, but the important thing has not changed. From the M1 chip to the 5G iPhone, the iPad that will change the way of education and productivity, the Apple Watch to take care of health, and the software and services that provide it. He said he never stopped trying to fill the gaps that he couldn’t. CEO Timcook added that what he can confidently say is that there is no such moment as a moment of great potential, but that there has never been a dedicated team full of talent. That doesn’t mean we need more talented people who fit the great potential.

He said that for a year now, everyone has been asking for an attempt in a form that is unlikely to be imagined. But what Apple has achieved during this period will be a great boast, and the way Apple has created through a challenge once a generation will be a deep, long-lasting new source of value for those who love and depend on it, and a brighter future in many respects. He said he was sure he was waiting.

In an anniversary letter shortly after he joined Apple, he said in an anniversary letter that Steve Jobs had been a good trip so far, but it’s a start now. . Related information can be found here.

Meanwhile, in February, when Apple first launched iPhones and iPads sold in Russia, it was revealed that they agreed to comply with a law that mandates the installation of apps approved by the Russian government. As the law went into effect on April 1, Apple recommended installing apps approved by the Russian government after the initial setup of the iPhone with the system server in effect.

This policy brings the boundary of compulsory pre-installed apps by the Russian government for the first time, but in reality it is only in the form of providing a list of apps endorsed by the Russian government by directing them to the app store after the initial setting is completed. By simply pressing the × button, you can reject it in bulk, and it will not be installed unless you push the download button next to it one by one.

However, it is clear that it is heterogeneous that after completing the familiar initial steps, such as setting up location information and display, the message will continue to display apps that can be downloaded in compliance with Russian legal requirements. Currently, Russian-made apps such as Yandex browser and Russian Federation public service apps such as maps are listed, but the list of such apps may change in the future.

Apple previously mentioned that all apps must comply with the App Store evaluation guidelines. In other words, even if the Russian government wants to install local apps, software that is not allowed in the app store will not be included.

The list of apps recommended by the Russian government cannot be withdrawn and hidden according to local media. However, it is said that pre-installation will be required on Android devices, so Apple may have been able to minimize concessions to the government. Related information can be found here.



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