A work of art that you can eat… Polaroid Candy 3D Printing Pen

CandyPlay 3D Pen is a 3D printer pen that allows you to make edible art-like candy that Polaroid has introduced into three dimensions. It’s a 3D pen with candy instead of plastic.

In fact, around 2015, there was a movement to make chocolate-like foods with 3D printed pens instead of PLA plastics. Of course, to use the Polaroid 3D printing pen, anyone can start right away without having to design a 3D model using software first. In addition, unlike chocolate, it is possible to build a 3D model by overlapping several layers because it is sufficiently resistant to cold weather using candy materials.

The Candy Play 3D Pen is packaged for $50 and comes with 4 strawberry-flavored candy cartridges inside. In addition to strawberries, there are oranges, apples, grapes, lemons, and cola flavors that can be purchased separately.

However, the cartridge is not very large, so if you want to make a large candy piece with 3D painting, you will quickly consume a significant amount of it. Refills are available for $28 for a 40-color candy cartridge or $32 for 48 multi-flavored candy cartridges.

How to use the Candy Play 3D pen is simple. You don’t need to plug in the power plug, and if the LED status window lights up to inform you that it is warm enough with the rechargeable battery, just press and hold the button to make candy. What you make with a pen depends on your imagination and your hand skills. Downloadable templates are also available on the Polaroid webpage, so you can try works such as candy houses and flowers. Related information can be found here.



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