Chromebooks support Nearby Share

Google announced on June 1 (local time) that it has started distributing Nearby Share in the latest version of Chrome OS, version 91.

Nearby Share is the equivalent of AirDrop on iPhone or Mac. It is being released only for Android 6.0 or higher in August 2020. At the time of the Chromebook 10th Anniversary Update in March 2021, Nearby Share announced that it would be available on Chromebooks within a few months and made it happen.

It is characterized by being able to share via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi even when not connected to the Internet. Of course, it can be shared not only with Chromebooks, but also with Android. You can choose a privacy setting in the settings menu to prevent sending files to strangers. In addition, you can send not only files that can be shared, but also copied text or URLs. You don’t have to email yourself every single time.

Also, in version 91, new features have been added in addition to niabai share. In prominent places, a small circular badge appears on the app icon, making it easy to tell at a glance that there are new notifications. In other words, it behaves like Android.

Additionally, you can add new wallpapers by Artist (Leo Natsume), store Google Docs, Sheets and Slides files locally and access them offline. This feature is said to start distribution at the end of June. Related information can be found here.



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