He is also good at chatting… A social robot that helps children develop emotionally

Moxie is a social robot that helps children develop emotionally. It is a robot that promotes social, emotional, and cognitive learning by talking and playing with children and serving as counselors. The entire face is expressed on the display, and the expression is rich like an anime character. It is said that he is also good at speaking and can communicate naturally. In addition to rich content, it also provides play-based learning that matches the theme and mission of each week.

According to manufacturer Embodied, through more than 10,000 academic research related to childcare, it is possible to promote interaction between robots and children or improve their motivation to learn. Preliminary tests using maxi also showed improvement in the child’s emotional control, communication skills, friendship, and self-esteem. To this end, various experts, including engineers, roboticists, neuroscientists, and child development experts, participated in the development stage.

Of course, to an adult, it may look like a simple chattering robot, but to a child, if an existence in front of them communicates with them, they interact like humans. Each time Maxi is used, it learns a child’s personality and can provide content tailored to the child. Personal information can only be restored by a parent who has set an encrypted password through high security. It is also explained that all of them are safely managed under the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act.

It is priced at $1,499 including a one-year subscription. You can purchase it on the official website by depositing a down payment of $50. Available in the fall in limited quantities and will be priced at $59.99 per month starting the following year. You will then receive regular updates on new content and features, unlimited access to resources in the cloud, use of applications for parents, and access to an online portal for expert parenting tips. Related information can be found here.



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