Google applies a search algorithm to block personal slander businesses

Google search is useful for obtaining various information on the Internet, but some of them may display websites that slander or slander certain individuals or expose personal information. To combat websites that slander these individuals, Google changed its search algorithm so that these sites do not fill the search results screen.

According to reports, websites that post such content are in the business of charging a fee instead of deleting personal information or slander, and there are cases where they charge hundreds or thousands of dollars to delete a single post.

There is not one website that develops such a business, but the content posted on one website is also proliferated by uploading it to another website. In the case of ordinary people who do not conflict with great information even by searching by name, if a slanderous article is posted on several sites, the search result screen will be filled with such articles.

Google has announced that it is introducing measures to protect individuals from recurring harassment of these online slander businesses. The new method is to categorize the person as a known victim when there is a request for deletion of a post from the person through the existing procedure for defamation so that other similar low-quality articles are not displayed in the search results. By suppressing the display of similar articles, it is possible to prevent the name-related search results screen from being buried with slanderous articles.

In fact, it is said that the number of slanderous articles already displayed in the search results has decreased when Google searches for people who have been published as articles on slander sites in the past compared to the past. However, the newly created slanderous site posts are sometimes published, so the algorithm for sites with few complaints from victims may not be reflected.

Google says its approach has been consistent in building search for several years, and says it is looking for ways to improve algorithms that provide high-quality results and prevent queries that don’t do good things. Search is not a problem that has already been solved, but it is always facing new challenges as the web and the world change, and they are looking for ways to improve the quality of search results through feedback. Related information can be found here.



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