3D display for the naked eye, 8K 32-inch 2nd generation coming out

Looking Glass 8K 32-inch 2nd generation, a 3D display that appeared in 2018 and allows multiple people to see a three-dimensional screen with the naked eye at the same time, is taking pre-orders for shipment from the summer of 2021.

Looking glass is a display using a lenticular lens method that allows multiple people to simultaneously view a three-dimensional screen and image with the naked eye without wearing special glasses. At the time of crowdfunding in 2018, it raised $840,000 from its $50,000 goal and released 8.9-inch and 15.6-inch models.

In 2020, it will start shipping the looking glass 8K as the world’s largest 3D stereoscopic display. The second generation of Looking Glass 8K is lighter from 28.5kg to 15.5kg in the first generation, while suppressing reflections so that multiple people can see three-dimensional images more.

On the official site, it is announced that a limited quantity beta for a small number of people will be released in August 2021, and the price is 25,000 dollars, and shipping is free if it is in the US. The full version is expected to ship in October and is priced at $17,500. In addition, the 2nd generation 4K 15.6-inch model is also scheduled to be shipped. Related information can be found here.



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