Linux… 30th anniversary of birth

On August 25, 1991, Linus Torvalds, who was then a student at the University of Helsinki, released Linux, an OS kernel developed by himself. On August 25th, Linux celebrated precisely its 30th anniversary.

On August 25, 1991, Linus Torvalds told the Usenet newsgroup (comp.os.minix) that he is developing an operating system for cloning the 386 AT, and it is only a hobby, and it is not as big and professional as GNU, but it has been developed since April and will be released soon. said. He posted a message asking for feedback because this operating system is somewhat similar to MINIX, including the file system and physical layout. August 25, when this post was posted, is usually known as Linux’s birthday.

At that time, GNU development, which had been developed since 1983, was in a state of difficulty. At this time, Torvalds developed Linux as a free operating system with reference to Mimix, an educational OS, and released it as an open source under the GNU GPL. The Linux kernel was also incorporated into GNU development. Torvalds also said that if GNU development had gone smoothly, he might not have developed the Linux kernel.

According to Torvalds, Linux has four birthdays. One was on August 25, when he announced the existence of Linux to a newsgroup, but a month earlier, on July 3, 1991, Torvalds posted a short message on the newsgroup about his Mimix-related project, making this day his second birthday. say Also, September 17, when version 0.01 was slightly released to only a few people who showed interest, was her third birthday, and October 5, when Linux version 0.02 was first publicly announced, was her fourth birthday.

Torvalds said Linux didn’t have any university projects and he didn’t think he wanted to. Helsinki’s at least the Computer Science Department was generous with informal extracurricular activities.

Also, although the name Linux is a temporary name that Torvalds himself gave, he said that he wanted to change the official name to Freex, which means Free Unix, instead of Linux. However, it is said that in September 1991, when Linux was uploaded to the FTP server of a Finnish university and research institute, Ari Lemmk of Helsinki University of Technology, who was engaged in development at the time, did not like the name Freex, so he changed the name of the server project to Linux at will and settled there.

Speaking of Linux, there is a penguin mascot called Tux, but this was established when the Linux logo design contest was held in 1996. Torvalds also liked Tux very much, and during the event he wore a penguin doll and went diving with a penguin.

Canonical, a company that supports and develops support for one of the Linux distributions, Ubuntu, said that Linus Torvalds released the Muyo operating system called Linux to the world 30 years ago. Like most of the world’s greatest people, Linux is a small He said that he started humbly as a project. Next, Linux has been developed by the Free Software Foundation with little interference from governments, corporations, and academia around the world over a long period of time. said he was doing The company also added congratulations on the 30th anniversary of the birth of Linux and the start of Torvalds and his work, the worldwide free and open source software movement that has evolved along with Linux. Related information can be found here.



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