A 3D game that could run on PC from 30 years ago?

PC games these days require high-end CPUs, GPUs, and ample amount of memory to enjoy high-resolution and sophisticated graphics. As if rebelling against the flow of PC games, CubicDoom, a game with a data size of only 510 bytes that runs on an IBM PC equipped with Intel 8088 30 years ago, attracts attention.

Cubic Doom uses ray casting technology to render 3D objects and features a data size of 510 bytes that goes into the boot sector. The operation is simple with left movement (Ctrl), right movement (Alt), batteries (left shift), and shooting (right shift). It is a Doom-style game in which the pink, blue, and purple cubes that appear on the screen are enemies and keep moving forward by shooting them down. If you touch an enemy coming towards you, the screen turns bright red and the game is over.

The developer of Cubic Doom is said to have done various researches, such as slowing the speed of light used for calculations and implementing enemies as color walls so that it could work on PCs a long time ago. The development period was 5 days. This game can also be played on a web browser. Related information can be found here.



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