Battery-powered, ultra-compact ESP32 wireless communication module

ESP32, a microcontroller that supports wireless communication standards such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, can be obtained at a low price and is therefore used in various wireless communication devices. TinyPICO is a wireless communication module that adopts this ESP32 and has the characteristics of small size, battery operation, and large capacity memory.

According to TinyPico developer (Unexpected Maker), there are several wireless communication modules that adopt ESP32, but they do not respond to low-power operation, and there is a problem that the size is large and the mounted memory is small. Tinypico is a wireless communication module developed to solve this problem.

Currently, Tiny Pico 2nd generation is on sale. The 2nd generation TinyPico is a wireless communication module with 18×32mm size ESP32-PICO-4, SRAM 4MB, charge control circuit, RGB-compatible LED, reset button, and USB terminal. If you look at the specific specifications, it is a 32-bit dual-core 240MHz processor, SPI flash 4MB and SRAM 4MB, Wi-Fi supports 2.4GHz IEEE802.11n, Bluetooth LE 4.2, GPIO 14-pin, LDO regulator 700mAh 3.3V. It weighs 2 g.

TinyPico pre-installed MicroPython as an execution environment. It also supports development of Arduino IDE (Arduino IDE), so it can be used as an Arduino compatible board. In addition, on the back of Tiny Pico, pads corresponding to two types of JST connectors are mounted, so that the desired lithium-ion battery secondary battery can be used to drive the battery. In addition, Tinypico design drawings and source codes are registered in the official Github repository. Related information can be found here.



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