Anecdotes surrounding Steve Jobs’ 10th anniversary

October 5th marks the 10th anniversary of the death of Apple co-founder and former CEO Steve Jobs. Apple’s chief design officer at the time, Johnny Ive, also mentioned his memories of Jobs. Apple also uploaded a video commemorating Steve through its official site on the same day that it celebrated the 10th anniversary of the death of the deceased.

Apple’s official website sent a message to the Jobs family saying that Apple had spent the past decade of mourning and healing, saying that the feeling of gratitude grew as much as the sense of loss. Among all of Jobs’s talents, he said, the one thing that survives strongly is that it makes us curious about new ideas that can open our minds to the beauty of the world and makes us imagine the next development, he said.

In the video, he proudly introduced the first Macintosh when he was young, and captured the audience fascinated when he took the first Macintosh Air out of the envelope and gave a presentation.

In a media report, a reporter who covered Jobs while he was alive also revealed an episode in which Jobs threw the iPhone right in front of him to explain that the first iPhone was sturdy. Fortunately, the iPhone had no trauma or internal damage, and Jobs handled the basic manipulations. The reporter recalled that time and took a calculated risk, but he also said to think about how disastrous the result would have been if the iPhone had been broken or shut down in front of many reporters. It is also known that during the first presentation of the first iPhone, several replacements were being prepared for fear of a memory shortage.

10 years have passed, but the anecdotes about Jobs continue to come out. His strong personality and actions will make him remember him for a long time to come. Related information can be found here.



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