Amazon announces new work-from-home policy

Amazon CEO Andy Jassy announced a new work-from-home policy in an email to employees on October 12 (local time). During the COVID-19 pandemic, most of Amazon’s employees are working from home, but they were originally scheduled to return to their offices by September 2021. However, the return to the office was postponed until January 3, 2022, as there were no signs of convergence due to the emergence of a delta mutation. This is also not a full-time job, but 3 days a week.

However, there were a lot of questions, such as whether the team needs to go to work on the same day or who decides which day to go to work. As a result of repeated discussions with the leadership team, instead of the policy of going to work more than three days a week, it was decided to leave work to individual teams or work from home.

CEO Andy Jassi says he expects to have teams that can continue to work primarily remotely, teams that work together in the office, and teams that think it’s best for customers to work primarily in the office.

Also, at this stage, we want individual employees to be near the team and be ready for a meeting within a day. Of course, for up to four weeks a year, it will provide a good complete remote work option anywhere in Korea.

Meanwhile, regarding the return to the office, Microsoft and Twitter have not decided when to resume, and Google will review and review the situation after January 10. Related information can be found here.



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