Facebook was aware of my Indian Muslim extermination movement

Social media such as Facebook and Twitter are working to reduce discriminatory or provocative posts. However, regarding Facebook, there are many critics that hate on Facebook is causing the massacre, or that Facebook is failing to prevent the spread of hate. Meanwhile, a new internal Facebook document revealed that Facebook was aware that its services were increasing religious hatred in India.

In India, massive protests erupted in 2019 when a law granting immigrant citizenship was amended. According to an internal Facebook document, in December 2019, when protests were active, the number of inflammatory posts on Facebook increased three times than usual. Internal documents also documented a growing number of posts inciting violence on Facebook and WhatsApp at the end of February 2020, when riots broke out in Delhi, where 53 people were killed.

The provocative post is aimed at excluding Muslims and includes questions about whether the spread of COVID-19 is the work of Muslims or that Islam targets Hindus. According to internal documents, Facebook sent an investigative team to India to conduct a listening survey of dozens of Facebook users to investigate whether its services were contributing to the growing religious hatred.

According to the investigation report, a Hindu man living in Delhi said that he frequently receives dangerous messages on Facebook and WhatsApp saying that Hinduism is at risk and that Muslims are trying to kill us. What was recorded was The insider documentary notes that Facebook was aware that its service was producing mass content that incited conflict, hatred and violence.

Also, in Facebook groups where users with the same opinion gather, there were many false claims that Islam was placed alongside pigs and dogs, and that the Koran requires men to rape women. However, it was also found that the group did not receive active political action because it required a politically prudent response. In addition, there are reports that the reason why the hate speech countermeasures in India are not progressing is the lack of a technical system that recognizes Hindi and Bengali.

Facebook claims that the document is an investigation report and does not represent the company’s corporate stance. He added that Facebook has a system that supports five languages spoken in India, including Hindi and Bengali, and is working to improve it.

Facebook also released a statement titled Our Approach to Maintaining a Safe Online Environment in Countries at Risk on October 23, 2021, with high-risk countries including India, Myanmar and Ethiopia. The country has expressed its focus on preventing the spread of inflammatory content. We also updated the description for October 24, 2021 and added a technology that engages in strengthening the Hate Speech Swordsman in Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, Urud, Amharic, Oromo, and Burmese. Related information can be found here.



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