Amazon, the shade of the empire

Amazon is called the destroyer. Of course, it is also showing remarkable performance to match. In the second quarter of the year, Amazon reported a net profit of $ 2.53 billion (US $ 2.8 billion) on July 26 (local time). Sales in the second quarter amounted to $ 52.9 billion. Given that net profit was $ 197 million in the same period last year, the rise is significant.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is one of the factors that make Amazon such a net profit. AWS is a business cloud computing service launched by Amazon since 2002. It maintains a 25% surplus at all times and boasts a high operating margin. In the second quarter of this year, AWS revenue was $ 6.15 billion, up 49% from the same period last year and operating profit up 84% to $ 1,642 million. Of course, in addition to AWS, Amazon also saw its ad sales rise 129% over the same period a year ago, and annual membership revenues from Prime members rose 57% to $ 3.4 billion.

With quarterly record highs, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos hit the top spot with Bill Gates once in the Bloomberg billionaire index last year. Of course, Amazon shares fell back to second place after falling in a few hours, but at that time Amazon recorded a record high, with assets of Jeff Bezos, which owns 17% of Amazon, climbed to $ 90.7 billion.

Amazon is not only selling, but it also is known that it will open its second store in Amazon ‘s second year, which is an unattended store that does not need to open a wallet a while ago. Smart speaker equipped with Alexa, a voice recognition secretary, Jeff Bezos’ own private space company Blue Origin Until the talk that the sale of private space travel tickets is expected to be next year, the digital, online and offline convergence of destructive innovation, Amazon’d (the era of the world) is engraved on the world.

Of course, it is also active in patent applications, which is the basis for leading such technological innovation. Amazon recently filed an augmented reality headset patents for employees working in warehouses. When an augmented reality headset is worn by an employee, it can act as a navigator through arrows. A great Amazon warehouse that tells the best route when employees need to find a product. In addition, it can also be used to display visual instructions to moving or stopping personnel at the central office. However, it is pointed out that the purpose of such Amazon patents may be dangerous.

In fact, the Amazon warehouse, which has been pointed out as a place to use an augmented reality headset, is notorious for a long time. The Amazon warehouse has a tremendous amount of merchandise on display. When the user presses the purchase button on-line, the warehouse worker immediately takes out the goods and finishes all the processes from packaging to delivery within 24 hours. It has been criticized that the working conditions of the Amazon warehouse and the working environment are severe and harsh. According to the report, which is covered here, the toilet is several hundred meters away, so the employees need to urinate on PET bottles. In order to send goods from the warehouse, workers must walk 10 kilometers (16 kilometers) a day. All of the worker’s actions are being monitored all the time, and if they are wasted for a second, this behavior is not forgiven. Break time is about dismissal.

Of course, not only warehouse workers but also a report says that in the UK, delivery merchants who ship Amazon goods have to pay more than 200 quota for more than 11 hours a day. Not only does it reflect local traffic, but it also offers a dedicated tablet to check for shipping quotas so drivers can not afford to have lunch.

In fact, if you look at the 10 rules that apply to employees in the Amazon warehouse, it is forbidden to use lipstick first. It seems that employees are not allowed to sell products that they can sell. Next, gum is prohibited. Only beverages are allowed to drink, water must be in a transparent container. No such thing as lemonade or soda. Also, do not use too much wrapping paper or tape. Employees should not spend more than adequate amounts in overseeing the package itself. The work should not be delayed, but when you work in the warehouse, you check the work flow of the staff to see who is going to work. The next thing is not to get sick. If you are sick, you may experience the delay of work introduced earlier. In fact, a female employee who suffered from chronic bronchitis did not disclose the fact at the time of the contract, so she was later dismissed. The next is the 7-minute grace period. Employee commute hours are checked in minutes. If you go beyond this time, you should check your card within 7 minutes. In addition, the wrist watch that was worn before entering the scene as a part for the prevention of the handling goods should be loosened. The last is not to be late. Amazon says it does not accept any excuse for perception if it is late. Half-hour crime is 0.5 point, 1 hour crime is 1 point, and absenteeism is 3 point deduction. Each of these 10 rules will be deducted 1 point for each item. If you violate 6 times, you will be fired.

Amazon has been arguing with reports that it is collecting huge amounts of data about its employees. As mentioned above, strict policies are also being implemented for rest. Relaxed enough to lead to death or retirement. An augmented reality headset, from the Amazon employee’s point of view to the on-site instruction that is difficult to get to the bathroom, is worrying that it will aggravate Amazon’s work environment, which is more harsh than productivity improvement.

In addition to these patents, Amazon also filed a patent for a bracelet-type device that can track the movement of employee hands. The patent mentions that employees are instructed by feedback, such as vibrations, that transmit sensations directly to the skin when problems occur. This patent, of course, is designed to allow employees to find products without having to use their hands and eyes on behalf of the hand scanner they are using, but concerns have already arisen regarding the Amazon work environment.

Amazon is also innovating in warehouses and logistics centers. The Kiva system, which was acquired in 2012, will build a warehouse robot, bringing it to over 15,000 units by 2014, and by 2015 it will double to more than 30,000 units. Amazon is also trying to innovate technology logistics for delivering the last mile, including drones, while combining artificial intelligence with robots. In the future, it can be said that the logistics warehouse, which is several times the size of a soccer field, may disappear. The present and future of the Amazon are technological innovations, but the past remains a shade of these giant dinosaurs, created by a poor working environment.



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