Give me money token, zero interest rate loan product

MoneyToken has announced the launch of zero-interest loans for everyone.

Money tokens is a cryptography-based loan offering platform that attracts attention by participating as Roger Burr, who is also’s CEO. With the launch of the zero-interest rate loan, anyone can join the money token dot-com platform from August 30, and it will be able to borrow 0% of the interest rate with the password money as security.

Jerome MacGillvray, co-founder of Money Token, said that it is important to get involved in the money token ecosystem for the launch of the zero interest rate loan product, which will give a positive image of the currency. .

The money token allows a cryptographic based loan platform to borrow current funds directly according to the market value of the user’s cryptographic assets. It is possible to obtain the loan amount agreed with the collateral assets with stable currency such as Bitcoin and Etherium. When the loan is repaid, all collateral is returned to the user. If the value of the mortgage is increased during the loan period, the mortgage value is returned as an increment. However, in order to qualify for a zero interest rate password loan through the money token platform, it must be a zero interest interest special member. Members must purchase (purchase) through IMT tokens. Using the IMT token, you can get a zero rate loan benefit, but all of the IMT tokens used to buy the membership will disappear. More information about the money tokens can be found here .



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