Block Chain Votes for Midterm Election

Mid-term elections will be held in the United States on November 6 (local time). The US presidency is four years, but the US House of Representatives is two years and the Senate is six years, but the seats change by one-third for two years. To be precise, since it falls in the middle of the presidential term, the midterm election has the meaning of asking the people to trust the president. The Republican Party, to which Trump is part, now accounts for a majority in both the House and Senate. In the midterm election, there is a prediction that the majority of the House of Representatives is not the Democratic Party, but the polls can be seen only after the lid is opened as seen in the last presidential election.

Apart from this political interest, during the US midterm elections, voting apps have adopted block-chain technology for the first time in some states, with remote voting using apps. West Virginia is the place to vote for remote voting with the app. It is carried out only for soldiers who are overseas. The app was developed by Vootz in Boston. You can verify your identity by posting an ID photo and a video of your own face, and then approve the vote for the app.

The votes are anonymized for each table using the block chain technique. The app is limited to a few, but there is interest in whether it will end without confusion, whether it will prevent hacking of an app poll, which is suspicious of Russian intervention in the last US presidential election.



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