With the touch of the hand? VR Haptic Gloves

DextrES is a virtual reality haptic glove with a unique concept that delivers touch through the back of your hand. The gloves are being studied by the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology and the Zurich Institute of Technology. Delivering a sense of being lightweight yet holding things in your hand.

In fact, there are not many parts inside, so the weight per finger is only 8g. The required power is also 200 V and several mW. Thanks to the battery is also small. If so, why is it so simple and lightweight that it gives tactile feedback?

The secret is that there are two sheets of metal with a thickness of 2mm. This metal plate, which is connected from the back of the hand to the finger, is smooth and free to move normally. However, when we recognize that we have caught something in the virtual reality space, the metal plate is fixed through the current. It does not give the tactile sense to the palm side, but it controls the movement of the back of the hand so that the size of the object can be known.

Looking at the products that have been released so far, it is the stimulation of the finger or the pressure on the hand. Using an exoskeleton actuator to add force to the fingers. Deck stress, on the other hand, imposes a load on the back of the hand in a simple form. For more information, please click here .



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