Garcig said “Bitcoin, a value store means success”

In an interview with Jeff Garzik, one of the pioneers of cryptic bitcoin, Bloocee CEO, Bitcoin said it may not be the payment method that was originally expected, but it is definitely a success as a value store.

One of the major collaborators of Satoshi Nakamoto, who is known to have made a bit coin, is known to have made a third major contribution to the bit coin code, he said in an interview shortly after the 10th anniversary of Bitcoin. Unlike the direction that bitcoin pondered in the early days of commercial transactions, it was not a big settlement, but it was definitely a success as a value store.

Indeed, one study has found that bitcoin is popular as an asset among investors, sometimes referred to as digital gold, but the use of commercial coins as a personal payment method is actually diminishing. Garczick also said bitcoin is an organism and is still evolving, even though he does not make mistakes or grow up as expected.

Garzick read the post about Bitcoin, which was still an early project, and in July 2010 began writing bit coin software code. At the time, he was working on an open-source business, Red Hat, in a parking lot in North Carolina. He participated in Bitcoin Forum by exchanging bitch coin’s childhood with Satoshi Nakamoto by e-mail. In 2011, Satoshi Nakamoto suddenly disappeared and became a myth.

Garcig said that he personally thinks that he is a Dave Clayman who lives in Florida, and that he has learned in self-taught style that he coincides with the coding style, while the bit coin code writer is an incredibly smart person, The engineer said it was not.

Garcík continued coding coding for the Bitcoin project until 2016 and now co-founded the enterprise block chaining startup, Bloque. He also had a controversy over the Bitcoin Hard Fork SegWit2x last year in a cryptographic development community debate, but he also took a stand in favor of hard fork. Bitcoin extensibility There is a bit of an internal disagreement about how to solve the problem, but BitKoin Cache came into being as a result of the implementation of other hard forks since Seguit 2X. For more information, please click here .



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