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ISOTOPIUM: CHERNOBYL (ISOTOPIUM: CHERNOBYL) is a game that allows the chariot of Ukraine, which became a ghost town due to the nuclear power plant accident that took place in 1986, to battle in a space where the diorama is reproduced.

Developed by Ukrainian Indy game developer Remote Games, the game allows virtual exploration of inaccessible Chernobyl as VR content without the approval of the Ukrainian government. The game’s setting is the process by which humans in the future, with depleted natural resources, are searching for isotopes of radioactive isotope radiation around Chernobyl. Humans have learned to convert isotopes to special energy, but since Chernobyl is dangerous, it is necessary to remotely manipulate the robot tanks to find as many rare isotopes as possible. It has melted into the story of why gamers all over the world must go here remotely.

It uses Raspberry Pi mini for trams and can be operated remotely over the internet in a 210m2 space. It is equipped with a number of sensors such as optical sensors, accelerometers, directional sensors, LEDs, lasers, and NFCs, allowing gamers to struggle against isotopes. The acquired isotope can be used to increase the gamer rating or increase the play time. Accumulate isotopes while accumulating energy in empty containers. You can also see the ranking of gamers.

This game differs from a 100% CG game in that it controls the tram in the actual diorama space. Funds were also collected through a kickstart, a crowdfunding site, where equity is a concept of purchasing energy for play. If you pay $ 10, you buy 120 energy, but if you invest more, you can use turbo function to run at high speed, or if you pay $ 100 for art, you can do graffiti for art. It is possible. The company plans to decorate it with the diorama of Mars in the future. For more information, please click here .



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