Goodbye kilogram … An immutable unit comes

The International Prototype Kilogram (IPK) has been abolished for 130 years at the International Metrological Congress held in France on November 16 (local time), and has been abolished since May 20, 2019 It was decided to change it in such a way.

International kilograms are 1 kilogram of platinum and iridium alloys stored in international metrology stations located in the suburbs of Paris, France. This expiration is a 1 kilogram standard used around the world, and replicas are placed in the Member States of the Meter Treaty.

As of 2018, the SI units used worldwide are based on artifacts, but in the case of artifacts, surface contamination, such as oxidation or chemical changes such as oxidation, can be subtle but subtle. For this reason, at the same time as the development of microscopic nano-level technology, it has been required to change the method based on physical constants that can be used without error even in the kilogram.

Of course, even after May 20 of next year, there is no change in the handling of 1 kg in general life. This change is based not only on the kilogram but also on the current unit of amperes (A0 based on the coulomb definition, e = 1.602 176 634 10-19 C), the thermodynamic temperature unit Kelvin In the method based on the absolute zero, the Boltzmann constant was set to exactly 1.380649 × 10 – 23 J / K, which is the temperature at which the water, ice, and water triple points coexist. mol) was also changed to 6.02214076 × 10 23 Avogadro constant in the definition that the amount of material in the system containing urea particles equal to the number of atoms in 0.012 kg of carbon 12 (C12) was 1 mol.

This change in unit definition is not unusual in the history of mankind. As I mentioned earlier, most of the changes are small enough to not be a problem in everyday life. However, as mentioned in the beginning, it is a big change in that it is possible to make a more accurate analysis because of the difficulty in errors in the high technology fields such as nanotechnology. This finance is the most meaningful because it is changed to the constant unit age.

Experts say that such a change is exciting and finally a voice in the study of measurement standards. For reference, the longest used unit in the world is Kyubit, which was used in the Mesopotamian civilization 8,000 years ago. This standard is about 43 to 53 cm in length from the elbow to the tip of the middle finger. For more information, please click here .



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