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It’s been a long time since Samsung Electronics is developing a folding smartphone. There is already a forecast that it will be put into the market in 2019. Of course, FlexPai is the first product. FlexPi has adopted Water OS, a derivative of Android 9.0, a proprietary operating system. In flexed state, the display size is 7.8 inches, the aspect ratio is 4: 3, the resolution is 1920 × 1440, and the pixel density is 308 ppi. It has 8GB of RAM, 256GB of storage space, and a micro SD card slot.

In the case of the display, in the folded state, the aspect ratio is 16: 9 and the other is 18 (and the resolutions are 1440 × 810 and 1440 × 720, respectively. Of course, You will see a screen that supports resolution 1440 × 390. This space will display notifications such as all incoming calls, messages, and emails. You can also move files from one side by dragging and dropping.

The bend is on the back, not the display. The company says it has been tested for more than 200,000 bends. Other Qualcomm Snapdragon 8-core 2.8GHz Adreno 640GPU, battery 3,800mAh, 20 million, 16 million pixel dual-lens camera equipped with. The selling price is between $ 1,295 and $ 1,870.

Although the title of the first product has been lost, Samsung Electronics has been the most interested. Samsung Electronics is also finally revealing the appearance of a folding smartphone. Although the model name is not known, the folding display of Samsung Electronics is named Infinity Flex Display. It was the first time that a smartphone demo was in the process of being rumored for a long time during the developer conference.

Of course, we have not yet been able to disclose the details of the terminal itself, so we did not disclose anything other than how the display moved and darkened the entire venue. It showed the scene that the display was expanded and then expanded.

Samsung Electronics unveiled its InfinitiFlex display, which will expand to 7.3-inch tablet size and fold into a pocket-sized smartphone. When folded, the display size is 4.57 inches, the aspect ratio is 21: 9, the resolution is 1960 × 840, and the pixel density is 420 dpi. When switched to the expanded state, the 7.3-inch aspect ratio is 4.2: 3, the resolution is 2152 × 1536, and the pixel density is 420 dpi.

In the case of the demo machine, it appears that there is a separate display on the outside and the folded display is folded inward.

This is a demo device, so it is not possible to know how the display works if it is commercialized. The company says it has a cover display that functions as a smartphone and a basic 7.3-inch tablet display. Unlike the InfinitiFlex display of Samsung Electronics, the previously announced FlexPi is different from the one designed to be used as a display even when the display is folded outward.

Samsung Electronics said that mass production of the InfiniteFlex display will be possible within the next few months. It is not merely suggesting a concept design, but is about to be commercialized. Google also says that Android will officially support folding devices. We can see that Samsung Electronics is building a close partnership to launch a foldable smartphone in 2019. Google is also offering third-party developers guidance for folding smartphones to quickly support folding smartphones. Other flip-boards, news apps, are also known to support Infiniteflex displays. The app recognizes what InfinitiFlex display is in a state and flexibly changes the display depending on the screen size.


Samsung Electronics will also be equipped with multi-tasking capabilities using three apps called Multi Active Windows.

Samsung Electronics is not the only company to launch a folding smartphone next year. Huawei, Lenovo and Xiaomi are also developing their own foldable smartphones. Apple has also found it patented a foldable device. In this regard, next year, folding smartphones will be the first year to start full-fledged competition.



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