Norway withdraws tariffs on bitcoin mining companies

The Norwegian government is in the process of canceling electricity bills for bitcoin mining facilities. Local mining companies are criticizing the government for such measures.

Until now, mining companies have raised Danish kroner ($ 0.05) per kilowatt to 0.48, unlike other power and high consumption industries. However, according to the government’s budget agreement and amendment, it will go up to 16.58 Danish kroner after January 2019. The socialist leftist party strongly supports this move, saying that Norway should stop overprivileged products of the most dirty cryptography, saying that Bitcoin requires enormous power and emits enormous greenhouse gases globally.

Norwegian cryptographic firms were able to mined bit coins at an average cost of $ 7,700 per coin through Norwegian subsidies.

Meanwhile, the Norwegian industrial interest group, ICT, is criticizing the move. Striking at changing conditions without discussions or consultations with the industry, Norway ‘s predictability of political stability and conditions is high, but now accuses the government of trying to break the credit.

Of course, there are companies in the block-chain industry that generally favor the move of the Norwegian government. The block changer headquartered in Oslo, for example, believes that if the amount of mining in Norway is reduced, the electricity prices of business and people living in Norway are going down, and that the benefits of domestic power sources, not bitcoin mining companies, will be available. Bitcoin networks have been very safe over the past year, and speed and scaling are not improving with more bitcoin networks, he said. In other words, there is no need to attract miners with incentives. For more information, please click here .



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