Half the size and weight of existing wind turbines?

The EcoSwing project aims to use wind turbines with superconducting tapes to reduce manufacturing costs while halving the weight and size of the wind turbine, while still generating the same amount of power as the existing generation.

Eco-Swing is being tested in Denmark under EU support. Wind turbines usually require large quantities of rare metals because they use permanent magnets. However, using new technologies can lead to reductions in generator costs and global energy costs.

The wind power structure is basically the same as a bicycle light generator. The magnet is rotated inside the coil to induce induction current. The key part is the permanent magnet, as mentioned earlier, but it costs a lot because it requires a large amount of rare metals such as neodymium. Since neodymium is mostly mined in China, there is a concern about stable supply.

The eco swing project generator uses tape with a GdBaCuo ceramic superconducting layer. The tapes are also being protected against metal poisoning by coating them with magnesium oxide. Superconductors can generate stronger magnetic force than ordinary electromagnets because there is no heat problem without electric resistance.

To operate this superconductor, it must be cooled to minus 240 degrees Celsius. Therefore, durability can be taken, but because it uses a cooling system like hospital MRI, durability is no problem. Anyway, the diameter of the eco swing project generator is 4m, which is 1.5m smaller than the conventional one.

The new generator is designed to be conservative, but the next version will be smaller. Although it is still experimental, efforts for environmentally friendly renewable energy are likely to continue. For more information, please click here .



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