If you change the wheels, the gasoline vehicle EV?

Ring-Drive is a vehicle system developed by ORBIS. It is a breakthrough product that can move the tire for a long time with good motion efficiency because it turns only the outer part of the tire, not the wheel center shaft. It is possible to make an EV without an engine.

The ring drive can be used to transform a 2WD vehicle into a 4WD hybrid EV. When mounted on the rear wheel of the 2WD, the wheel does not rotate and it looks like the rear wheel is locked, but it adds 50 horsepower and 95NM of torque.

On the inside of the wheel, three-point bearing support reduces friction to one-fifth, and stiffness is doubled. Exercise friction without load is only 4 watts. Considering that the friction between the bicycle chain and the sprocket is 10 watts, it is less than half this. The brake rotor is 60% and the spring weight is 50% lighter.

When the ring drive is installed, only the tire turns, not the whole wheel as mentioned above. Therefore, the braking force can be reduced by 30%, and the braking performance is reduced by 30% and inertia. If you change tires, it can be used for large vehicles.

This makes it easy to hybridize existing gasoline vehicles. There is a more attractive aspect than deliberately replacing the entire vehicle with an EV. For more information, please click here .



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