I died in one day … Sprouted cotton from the moon

The Chinese lunar explorer Changer 4, which landed on the other side of the moon on January 3, was the first person to gather attention. It is the first plant grown on the moon. Germinated cotton seeds. It is, of course, the first spacecraft to land on the moon.

Nevertheless, the Moon’s gravity is about one sixth of that of the earth, and because there is almost no atmosphere, the day and night temperature difference is more than 200 degrees. It is very difficult to maintain pleasant plant cultivation environment. In this respect, this experiment is enough to attract attention.

In addition to cotton seeds, potato seedlings and yeasts are contained inside Chang’a No. 4, and they are designed to maintain the environment necessary for growth.

However, according to reports, the seeds of cotton seeds that sprouted within the spacecraft could not survive for a day and died because of the night temperature of 170 degrees Celsius. To show that there are still many challenges to overcome. However, if it is possible to grow plants on the moon, the possibility of harvesting food in the universe during the Mars space travel process, which may take about two and a half years, may increase. Not only food but also supplies can be saved. If there is a limit of space ship but if you can grow potatoes smoothly, you can expect the food. Of course, agriculture in the world outside the world is not realistic, but at least it is a case of interest in terms of being the first attempt. For more information, please click here .



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