Apple “autonomous vehicle test procedure is … “

Apple has released a white paper that outlines test procedures for autonomous vehicles. Apple explains that white paper has the potential to enhance human experience through improved traffic safety and various social benefits.

The paper first explains autonomous vehicle structure. First of all, you can think of the radar (LIDAR), which is a remote sensing method of measuring the distance by measuring the reflected light by shooting the laser on the object, and transferring the radar sound to the light. And we use radar and camera. It detects surrounding situations such as other vehicles, bicycles, and pedestrians, and predicts what will happen next to the components through the information.

Based on such prediction information, the autonomous navigation system executes the steering wheel, brake, and accelerator.

Apple analyzed all of the tasks to perform the autonomous drive, including the human operator’s need to take over the drive, and the lack of functionality. Last year, two incidents were reported through an in-house test vehicle, but not all of the self- Mode was only one of them.

In addition, when introducing new features, rigorous verification tests are conducted using test scenarios based on data collected from the road. First, the software undergoes rigorous and comprehensive simulation testing according to predetermined criteria. Once passed, it can be integrated into the system and tested on a closed test environment, making it a candidate to run on the road.

Software that passes the road test is applied step-by-step throughout the test vehicle and performs all the step-by-step monitoring and analysis. If safety is an important feature change, a skilled operator or operator will perform additional tests.

In fact, there is nothing particularly new about autonomous navigation systems or test methods. Most companies do not disclose information, but they are similar. Among them, eye-catching emphasis is on safety and confidentiality.

All the vehicles are undergo pre-departure check and function check, and the human operator who is aboard runs daily the process of confirming software information and test route by opening a safety meeting. Two human operators assigned to a vehicle are eligible for at least the last 10 years without serious accidents or license revocation. After passing the test, they are trained in the field, such as maps, simulations, operational training, monitoring and driving on the road.

The autonomous driving operator was obliged to take a steering wheel with both hands during his / her autonomous driving and to take frequent breaks in order to prevent the worker from working one time a day and preventing his / her attention while driving.

Titan, Apple’s autonomous vehicle project, is still in its infancy. Famous analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicted that the Apple car will be available sometime between 2023 and 2025. For more information, please click here .



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