HP’s high-resolution VR headset

Reverb is a virtual reality headset from HP. It is not a stand-alone type that is increasing now, but it is based on PC connection and supports Windows Mixed Reality and Steam VR.

The look itself is similar to the Oculus lift, rather than the previous model, the HP Windows Mixed Reality Headset. However, with the Windows MR Inside Out camera on the front, room scale tracking is possible without an external sensor.

The biggest feature of this product is resolution. It has a high-resolution screen supporting 2160 × 2160 resolution on one side. Considering that the Vibe Pro is 1440 × 1600 and the Ocular Lift is 1080 × 1200, it is quite high resolution.

In addition, the other product is OLED, which adopts a 2.89-inch 90Hz high-speed switching LCD and has a viewing angle of 114 degrees using a non-circular aspherical lens. For other products, the viewing angle is between 100 and 110 degrees. Other controllers are the same as before. The headphones can be separated and the head straps can be adjusted with Velcro. The weight is 500g.

There are two types of products: Professional (Professional Edition) and Consumer (Comsumer Edition). For corporate use, the two motion controllers feature a 3.5m headset cable, 0.6m cable and face cushion for the HP Z VR backpack.

The product will be available in late April and is priced at $ 649 for corporate and $ 599 for consumer. For more information, please click here .



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