Zuckerberg “Internet New Rules Needed”

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said on March 30 (Reuters) that new rules are needed on the Internet. He noted that there is a need to establish new rules for the four sectors on the Internet.

As technology develops, the roles and responsibilities of Facebook and other technology companies in their lives are increasing. He has created new Internet rules in four areas: harmful content, electoral fairness, privacy, and data portability, and protects society from the dangers of the Internet by freeing people to express themselves freely or to build new systems. I insisted that it was necessary.

Harmful content first. Internet platform companies such as Facebook provide a means for the public to communicate their voices to the world. It can be a sharing of experiences, amplifying social movements and bringing benefits. However, platform providers are obligated to keep their services in a secure location and protect users from terrorist or dangerous incitement. Facebook said it plans to set content policies, hire operators to do internal censorship, remove harmful content, and maintain platform health.

He notes that Internet companies should take responsibility for setting standards for deletion of harmful content and maintaining and maintaining their own platform. Of course, it is difficult to remove completely harmful content from the Internet. However, the platform that many people use can work hard to improve the Internet’s health. He said the quarterly disclosure of transparency reports revealing how Internet companies are removing harmful content.

The following points out that election fairness, the main cover, is also important to maintain election fairness among Internet regulations. When it comes to political advertising, Facebook tightens regulations and identifies advertisers’ identities or other ads. But it is not easy to judge how political an advertisement is. It is argued that establishing Internet industry standard rules can make systems such as Facebook more efficient.

The following is privacy protection. Establishing a global framework is important to effectively protect your personal information. State Cooper agrees with the GDPR in the EU, saying that it is beneficial for many countries to adopt privacy regulations like the GDPR.

Finally, data portability. He says the new Internet rules need to protect the enterprise’s data portability principles. Sharing data among multiple services can be very helpful in helping businesses deliver what they want. You can also choose to log in to other services using Facebook. Of course, when transplanting data between services, clear rules are needed, such as which company is responsible for protecting the data.

Cooper said he believes Facebook is responsible for resolving these issues and said he is looking forward to discussing Internet issues with the world. Not only do individual companies prepare rules, but they also need to have a broad discussion beyond the four tasks of the global community. For more information, please click here .



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