Rubin “Block Chain, to be useful for artists and journalists”

Joseph Lubin, Etherium co-founder and consensus chief executive, said block-chain technology and decentralization can help artists like creators and journalists like journalists.

He cited industry that would help block-chain technology through video, and pointed out that artists would use block-chain technology, and so-called brokers would be unnecessary. And that it will be a very dramatic help to the artist in terms of policy attribution or regulation, such as how to use derivatives or streaming and how to use it.

He said that music industry workers earn an average of 11 ~ 12% of the value of music, while the rest are large corporations that exploit 70%. It is possible to replace such an intermediary with a smart contract on the Etherium platform.

Rubin said that even if there are brokers still in the promoters, it is difficult to get a favorable position for a big commission like a big company because it is a simple broker.

He also argued for journalism that projects like Civil could help turn journalism into a block – chain technology – based platform that delivers content directly to consumers. Sylville, which launched its regular service on March 6 (local time), aims to raise sustainable funding and confidence in the press by issuing its own cryptographic CVL. Like newsrooms in Sibyll, news publishers and community participants can register, participate in the community by casting CVL tokens with the right to vote within the Sibyl platform.

Rubin says that if a violation occurs in any way, the reader can dismiss it and object to it and exclude it from the platform. Sibyl has raised $ 5 million from the consortium led by Rubin in 2017.



Through the monthly AHC PC and HowPC magazine era, he has watched 'technology age' in online IT media such as ZDNet, electronic newspaper Internet manager, editor of Consumer Journal Ivers, TechHolic publisher, and editor of Venture Square. I am curious about this market that is still full of vitality.

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