Password · Fingerprint … Six releasable smart locks

U-Bolt Pro is a smart locking device that supports six unlocking methods, including passwords and fingerprints.

SmartLock, which works with smartphones, has a variety of products, such as the way people access via Bluetooth. Yuvolt Pro is a deliberate addition of analogue elements. This product is a smart lock to be installed on the existing key, but adopted a numerical input release method. If you set a password as your preferred number, you can unlock it like a safe with a numeric key placed in a circle. Of course, it also has a fingerprint sensor, which can be unlocked simply by placing a finger on the sensor in the center of the body.

Smartphone interworking function is also equipped. You can open the key automatically when you turn off the app or access your smartphone or shake your smartphone to open the lock. Of course, you can use your existing physical key, so you can safely use it even if your smartphone battery is discharged. Ebolt Pro supports six release methods.

It uses four AA batteries and notifies you through the app if the battery is low. It can also be powered by a secondary battery if the battery is discharged with a micro USB terminal. Dedicated apps have a logging feature that lets you see when someone is home, and a notification feature that lets you know when you’re open. You can also send a one-time key to your friends or you can unlock them remotely.

The product also raised funds through a crowdfunding site called Indigo Go. More information about the product can be found here .



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