Communication beyond obstacles with 10cm antenna?

The SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, under the US Department of Energy, is developing a technology that allows wireless communication through shielded obstacles such as mountains or water. The technology uses very low frequency (VLF), but it is realized by an antenna of only about 10cm.

Super waves can communicate directly with people beyond the horizon without any obstacles or water. This characteristic is already well known. In fact, communication experiments have been conducted over physical barriers. The difference is that the newly developed antenna is quite small and can be used in combination with a transmitter that is only a few hundred g. For example, it can be applied to structural or defense-related missions.

The lab was able to generate 300 times more efficient VLF waveforms than previously possible, and was able to transmit data at 100 bps, 100 bps. Of course, you may think that 100 bps is almost useless considering the current wired network or smartphone communication speed. However, text-only communications can be sufficiently practical.

In the future, it may be expected to be used for submarines submerged underwater or for communication between bases or between underground shelters and inside and outside of outdoor mines. For more information, please click here .



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