Bit coin in CBS documentary

A password coin bit coin appeared on Six Minutes (60 minutes), a CBS billboard documentary program, one of the three largest networks in the United States. As the number of viewers is more than 8 million, it is expected to increase awareness as it is exposed to major US media.

In this program, I introduced Satoko Nakamoto, founder of Bitcoin, and introduced the first billionaire bitcoin, interviews with the first arrested by bitcoin, and mining facilities. On May 20, 2010, CBS also listened to an American programmer who ordered a second pizza with a 10,000-bit coin. At that time, 1BTC was less than a penny. The programmer wrote most of the 100,000 BTCs to buy pizza with a bit coin.

MC said he would spend $ 800 million on pizza if he converted at the current price, and he said yes to the price now. He asked if he had sweating in the middle of the night or had not had $ 800 million if he did not buy pizza, and he says that this idea is bad for him.

This programmer’s first pizza purchase is known to be the first time Bitcoin was used for payment. Nine years later, May 22nd is also called Bitcoin Pizza Day. Various events are also held between bitcoin supporters.

In the US, the number of bitcoin searches has increased in Google Trends, as Sixtiminities did a large featured broadcast. For more information, please click here .



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