“Owned not shared” Audi autonomous driving concept car

AI: ME is a compact electric vehicle concept model that supports the autonomous driving function announced by Audi during the Shanghai Motor Show. It is a model of mobility in future big cities, but it is certain that Audi is actually developing an electric car of this size. In this sense, this concept model may be hiding the hint of the actual vehicle that Audi will put into the future.

AI AI, which means connecting artificial intelligence with ME and users, has a body size of 4,300mm, a total width of 1,900mm and an overall height of 1,520mm. Though it is somewhat wide, it can be said to be equivalent to a general compact hatchback. But the wheelbase is 2,770mm, so you can expect a spacious interior. Of course, this car was developed for the purpose of personal transportation in the city, so two people sitting in the front seat have priority and the back seat also serves as a luggage storage.

The vehicle is equipped with a level 4 autonomous drive, allowing the driver to completely leave the car on the highway and in certain cities to take a break in the vehicle. In this case, you can put the steering wheel inside the dashboard and take out the table instead. You can also take a nap with your feet on the footboard, lay down the sheets, or enjoy movies or games with the built-in virtual reality headset.

It also features an active noise control that allows you to listen to music through a high-quality audio system and suppress audible noise from around you. It has a wooden table for easy eating, and a metal cup tray.

The car also has an electric chromatic control that can change the transparency of the roof transparent panel. It also has a wooden shelf and a green leaf between the front dashboards to help you feel at ease while enhancing the air quality in your car.

The side window is divided into two upper and lower sides, and the boundary side protrudes outward. Thanks to the front window connected to the glass roof, the inside of the car is bright and open. It also uses a 3D multifunction OLED monitor and eye tracking control installed below the front window instead of the familiar touch panel on the center console. Navigation and infotainment are handled by selecting and manipulating the on-screen menu as eye movements.

The outline shows LED lights from under the headlights to the grilles and fenders, which can display various colors as well as signals for communicating with surrounding cars or pedestrians. The powertrain drives the rear wheels with a permanent magnet synchronous motor with a maximum output of 125kW, 170 horsepower. The bottom has a 65kWh lithium-ion battery.

Audi assumes that the vehicle will not be sold to individual users, but will be provided through vehicle sharing. In other words, you do not own a car but you borrow it when you need it. The user makes a reservation through the app. Personalized data can be written to the MyAudi system, so that even if the car is changed, the settings for each seat can be set up to the seat position, the music library, and the air conditioner set temperature. For more information, please click here .



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