Alexa, from conversation to prediction and suggestion

To make an appointment with Alexa, the voice secretary of the Amazon, to go home and watch movies and movies on the way home, you must first purchase a movie ticket, then make a restaurant reservation and a transfer reservation. But with the new release of Alexa, Alexa will be able to recognize multiple tasks simultaneously in a natural conversation. Therefore, Alexa can predict and suggest various tasks during the conversation without the user needing to order one by one.

Rohit Prasad, vice president of the Amazon AI division, told Alexa Conversations, a new technology based on deep-running during the AI technology event Amazon Rearm 2019 (Amazon re: MARS 2019) Announced. With interactive Alexa, Alexa can learn more naturally and flexibly with less effort than before. In addition, it is also possible to predict user behavior in conversation and perform several techniques in parallel.

Prasad said that for interactive Alexa, Alexa will be able to guess the other’s potential goals in a conversation and to engage in active dialogue beyond one topic and technology. Specifically, developers can use interactive Alexa to add dialog management capabilities, which allows Alexa to cross-implement multiple technologies during the conversation. The ultimate goal of Alexa’s development team is to free people from cognitive load when they think about things with their heads and to substitute them for Alexa.

An example of using interactive Alexa is that when a user asks to book a movie ticket, Alexa first recognizes the task of purchasing a ticket and executes the movie ticket related technology. Of course this is the same as before. But AI predicts the end of the conversation and can ask whether to eat out or use a taxi. As a result, the user can make reservations for meals and transportation with just a word to make a movie reservation.

Interactive Alexa predicts several actions by, and the proposed dialogue functionality will be launched within the first few months in the United States. For more information, please click here .



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