There is LinkedIn Spy.

LinkedIn is one of the SNS that is used as an indispensable overseas to appeal to its career or job search. LinkedIn employs a structure that is easy to accept connection requests as long as it employs jobs and connections. According to the report, foreign intelligence agencies have gained knowledge and influence over American politics through LinkedIn.

According to reports, the link is asking politicians, lobbyists, researchers, and think tank employees to use their LinkedIn profile, such as a good career and computer generated fake photos for this mission. If the person approves it, it increases the credibility of the fake account, so it is more likely to approve it when requesting a link to another celebrity.

These profiles send tens of thousands of connection requests at a time, so many Americans are unwittingly being targeted by Russian or Chinese spy activity through LinkedIn connections. One example of this is the story of a Washington figure who accepted a request from Katy Jones, a former political analyst. Jones’ credit information has not been confirmed, and experts believe the photograph of Jones is made of AI. In other words, a political expert, Jones, is a person who does not really exist.

However, the account manager succeeded in hiding his identity by sending a message to a person with political influence. LinkedIn promised to delete the fake account and deleted the account of this person.

However, as with other SNSs, it is not easy to eradicate such fake activities online. However, users need to know that LinkedIn is becoming a hotbed of spy activity as well as management aspects. Even if you apply for a friend, just check your job and work place, do not press the authentication button, it is better to approve after checking. For more information, please click here .



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