Johnny Ive leaves Apple in 27 years

Apple CEO Chief Design Officer Johnny Ive is leaving Apple this year for 27 years. According to Apple, Johnny Ive is planning to set up a design company and will continue to work on various projects with Apple as a key customer even after he leaves the company.

Johnny Ive is a British industrial designer born in 1967. He joined Apple in 1992 as an outside designer and joined PowerBook in 1992. He joined Apple in 1997 as Senior Vice President of Design and in 2015 he became Chief Design Officer CDO.

His most famous works are iMac, iPod, iPhone, iPad, MacBook. Steve Jobs’ successful Apple product image after returning So, Johnny Ive is the designer who established simple and minimal style with glass and aluminum.

Tim Cook, Apple CEO, said Johnny Ive has never been in the world of design, and that it’s hard to explain why he contributed to Apple’s resurgence, saying he has been working on the iPhone in 1998 and the unprecedentedly ambitious Apple Park in 1998. Johnny Ive’s talent will continue to contribute to Apple through a proprietary project, directly and through his passion and talented design team. It has long been said that the relationship between Apple and Johnny Ive will develop.

Johnny Ive says he is proud to have worked with many of Apple’s outstanding design teams over the past 30 years on a number of projects, and that design teams are now stronger and more talented than Apple’s history at any time. “We look forward to working together with Apple for a long time,” he said.

Johnny Ive’s new name for the company is LoveFrom, which will begin its formal activities in 2020, after he left Apple for the rest of the year. The company will join Mark Newson, a well-known designer who joined Apple since 2014. In addition to the field of industrial design, various talents are said to participate in the early stage of establishment. The company’s name means that it motivates Steve Jobs to express his gratitude to the whole of humanity for his motivation to work, not just to meet or talk with each individual person, but to engage in manufacturing with affection and concern for people.

One of Johnny ‘s Ive’ s retirement plans is due to the completion of several important projects, including Apple ‘s new office building in 2004.

Of course, the US stock market is the most sensitive to the news that Johnny Ive is leaving Apple. Apple stocks have fallen sharply in the first few hours, and $ 9 billion has flown away. The fact that the Chief Design Officer is suddenly leaving Apple may be a shocker, but it may not be the case that Apple’s growth will end in itself. Johnny Ive has not heard of recent innovative designs and, as I said earlier, Love Show will be Apple’s main customer even after Apple has been independent. Even if the $ 9 billion profit has been lost, it is 1% if it is in decline. Apple ‘s huge market cap is weak and it may turn upside down. Nonetheless, this is an anecdote that shows Johnny Ive’s weight in Apple’s design. For more information, please click here .



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