Methane is three times higher than conventional methane?

NASA scientist Curiosuty has discovered high levels of methane in the atmosphere of Mars. The amount of methane found is only a small fraction of 21 ppb (parts-per-billion), but three times that of methane discovered in 2013.

In a mild atmosphere like Mars, after a long time, methane is believed to be degraded by sunlight. Methane gas is produced by the decomposition of organic matter in anaerobic microorganisms inhabited in places where there is usually no oxygen in the earth. The methane gas detected at this time is also considered to be generated by microbial activity.

Since methane gas is also produced by volcanic activity, discovering it can not be a proof that living things exist. However, if there are anaerobic microorganisms in a place where there is no oxygen such as underground rocks, it is not unlikely that methane will be released to the surface.

However, if geological activity such as chemical reaction by geothermal remains on Mars, there is no possibility of methane emission. It is possible to imagine the possibility that the methane stored in the basement, which had been built much earlier, might have flowed out to the surface for some reason, if or not the Martian nucleus is not completely frosted and fluidity remains.

NASA acknowledged the fact that methane was detected on June 22, but it is still only an early scientific achievement, adding that additional findings will be announced shortly. On the other hand, the European space agency ESA Mars orbiter Mars Express Orbiter also passed over the Gail Crater with its curiosity. ESA will also announce preliminary results soon, but any investigation is not final and it may take a long time to see what the gas is from. For more information, please click here .



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