DisplayPort 2.0 “three times increased bandwidth” is released

VESA (Video Electronics Standards Association), a computer video peripheral standardization organization, has performed the first major update of DisplayPort for the first time since March 2016.

VESA released DisplayPort 2.0, the next generation standard on June 26th (local time). DisplayPort 2.0 has a data bandwidth of 77.4Gbps, three times that of the previous version. It is also expected to support 16K monitors, high-definition VR, and AR devices.

DisplayPort is a new video output interface announced by VESA in 2006, when the analog to digital transition. At the time, HDMI appeared in digital home appliances such as TVs and HDD recorders. Even now, HDMI and DisplayPort are used in parallel as the PC video output standard.

Currently, the latest version of DisplayPort 1.4a has a maximum effective speed of 9.1Gbps×4 lanes and 25.92Gbps, and supports 8K resolution and 60Hz. 4K~8K requires display stream compression and DSC depending on the refresh rate, and resolutions that are fully supported even without compression are up to 1440p.

DisplayPort 2.0 announced this time has increased the maximum link speed to 20Gbps per lane, enabling efficient 128b and 132b channel coding. The maximum effective speed is 77.37Gbps, which is three times that of 1.4a. With this bandwidth, Display 2.0 becomes the first standard to support 8K resolution, 60Hz refresh rate, 10-bit color HDR10 media, and more.

DisplayPort 2.0 is backwards compatible with DisplayPort. In addition, the power efficiency was improved by using Panel Replay, a partial update function that updates only the changed parts in the video frame. It is said that it is designed to optimize power consumption and thermal performance even in small devices equipped with high-resolution displays such as all-in-one PCs and laptops. VESA said that the first product incorporating DisplayPort 2.0 will appear at the end of 2020. Related information can be found here .



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