10 changes that autonomous driving technology will change in the future?

Autonomous driving technology is being developed by companies and organizations around the world. In some areas, autonomous vehicles run on the road under special permits. How can autonomous driving technology change the future?

First, there are various vehicles around the world depending on the number of passengers, maximum speed, design, and price, but if an autonomous vehicle is realized, it will be possible to easily rent and move an autonomous vehicle 24 hours a day.

When such rental-type autonomous vehicles become popular, there is no reason for the general public to own a car, so sales prices for general vehicles are expected to drop sharply and those with private vehicles are expected to disappear.

Next is the driver. Now, when it comes to transportation such as buses, taxis, trucks, and trains, there is a job as a driver. However, when autonomous driving technology becomes available, the job as a driver will become a thing of the past.

In addition, it takes physical strength to go to work using public transportation, but as you get older, your strength decreases, making commuting difficult. As there is already a limit to the number of people who can commute using public transportation, it is very difficult to commute using public transportation. It is pointed out that the availability of autonomous vehicles will make commuting much more convenient, and there is a possibility that elderly people who choose to retire will be able to return to work comfortably.

The next thing is that companies will sell products to more customers. If you live in an area far from the city center, it is difficult to actually see the goods and buy things. When autonomous driving technology is spread, running shops can appear. Mobile stores with attractive merchandise can come directly to your home. In addition, autonomous delivery services using drones, etc., will make the delivery much more convenient.

The next thing is that you can save money and time. Cars are the result of expensive shopping. However, when rental autonomous vehicles become more popular, there is no need for individuals to own the cars, which is helpful to households. In addition, autonomous vehicles communicate with each other and have little loss of motion. Congestion can be prevented in advance, such as reducing congestion.

The next step is to reduce the incidence of traffic accidents. Self-driving vehicles maintain a fixed position on the road, communicate with each other, and detect them before they collide, which is said to have the potential to reduce the number of traffic accidents by 90%. According to a safety report released by Tesla, as of 2018, autonomous driving technology alone reduces car accidents by 70%.

Next is improving land use efficiency and pedestrian safety. When robot taxis and autonomous buses using autonomous vehicles are introduced, parking lots are eliminated. The space occupied by the parking lot can be used for other purposes. Also, since autonomous vehicles don’t need additional space, the roadway can be narrower than it is now. Self-driving technology can detect pedestrians at the stage of crossing the road, so pedestrians can safely cross the road.

In addition, the elderly or handicapped who have difficulty driving can move as desired at any time. Those who have had to rely on their guardians until now will be able to travel alone.

Next, the population can move from city to countryside. With an autonomous vehicle, you can go to work while sleeping or reading. With stress-free commuting possible, the need to live near work can also decrease, increasing options for living away from the city center. The city residents can give it.

The last is the shortage of organs for transplantation. According to the US Department of Health and Welfare, 13% of all organ donors are victims of car accidents. When autonomous vehicles become available, the number of organ donors is expected to decrease as the number of victims of traffic accidents will decrease. Of course, on the contrary, in May, autonomous driving technology could also contribute to organ transplantation, such as successfully transporting organs for transplantation using drones. Related information can be found here .



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