Amazon launches external provision of’cashierless payment technology’

Amazon, which started Amazon Go, a convenience store that comes out of the store without paying at the cash register, in 2017, announced that it will provide retail stores with Just Walk Out, a cashier-free payment technology used by Amazon Go.

Just Workout, scheduled to be provided by Amazon, is a system that eliminates the need to check products and make payments at the cash register. When a buyer pulls out an item from the shelf, a virtual shopping cart is created for each customer by automatically detecting the product to be taken out through a system incorporating the compute vision sensor and machine learning installed in the store. When a buyer leaves the store, it is charged to the registered credit card when entering the store according to the contents of the virtual shopping cart.

Just Workout is almost the same technology that Amazon introduced to Amazon Go in service. The difference is that Amazon Go introduces the Amazon Go app instead of a credit card. If a receipt is required, an e-mail address can be registered through a device installed in the store, and a receipt will be sent to the registered e-mail address. Once you enter your email address and credit card, the receipt will be automatically emailed to you when you use JustWorkout stores in the future.

The introduction of Just Workout technology has the potential to reduce the number of salespeople. However, Amazon says it requires hiring a clerk to answer buyer questions through FAQs and determine the age of the buyer who wants to buy a product or alcohol.

According to Amazon, the JustWorkout adoption will be over within a few weeks. Amazon provides 24/7 support by phone and email, as well as the technology needed to bring JustWorkout. In addition, regarding the privacy concerns arising from the use of this technology, Amazon says it only collects the data necessary to provide accurate receipts. Related information can be found here .



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