The era of increased streaming service’subscription fatigue’ is coming

Subscribed streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Disney Plus, and Apple TV Plus, where you can freely watch movies, dramas, and animations at a monthly fee are increasing. However, as streaming services increase, it is pointed out that many modern people are in subscription fatigue, with half of users feeling dissatisfied.

In the case of transmitting a movie through the Internet, the service provider must enter into a contract with a movie distributor and clarify the rights relationship so that the delivery of this video will end when the contract period expires. As long as various streaming services have contracts with distributors, delivery may start on other services when the delivery period ends in one service. Therefore, users need to subscribe to multiple services in order to watch movies at their desired time in a true sense.

According to a digital media trend survey published by consulting firm Deloitte, 69% of US households subscribe to more than one streaming video service, and 41% subscribe to streaming music services. Meanwhile, it can be said that 65% of households subscribed to pay TV channels such as cable TV and satellite broadcasting, which exceeds the rate of streaming service subscribers.

In addition, 49% of users said that the amount of content available on the streaming service is so vast that it is becoming difficult to select the content to watch. When they can’t find the content they want to see within minutes by accessing a streaming service, 49% say they give up searching for content.

In addition, 47% of streaming service subscribers said they had to sign up to view their favorite content and were unhappy with the growing number of streaming services. In addition, 57% of consumers said they were frustrated when the delivery of their favorite TV shows or movies on a registered streaming service ends.

Deloitte analyzed that although consumers had an expectation that they could choose content, in reality they could only do it to some extent, and now they may have entered the age of subscription fatigue.

Regarding the results of the survey, an expert pointed out that customers are looking forward to the concentration of streaming, and said that if it is difficult for users to freely watch content, some users may use illegal services that infringe copyright.

In fact, illegal streaming services have already appeared, and you can view more than 180,000 contents for around 10,000 won per month. Jetflicks is reported to boast an overwhelmingly larger number of deliverables than regular streaming services such as Netflix, Hlu, Voodoo, and Amazon Prime Video.

The industry says that illegal streaming services that are more content than genuine should admit that they no longer have simple competitors and understand what customers really want. The streaming service itself has a meaning of trying to convert from illegal copying to a legitimate service, so it is strongly appealing that it is wrong to ignore consumers’ anxiety or discomfort in streaming services that are segmented and monopolized. Related information can be found here .



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