TCL foldable phone that folds 3 times like an accordion

China’s TCL unveiled a smartphone prototype that can be folded into three. The main body is divided into three parts. If you open the right hinge and open the left hinge outside, you can open a reduced screen like an accordion. If you open it like this, you can use it as a 10-inch large screen, and if you fold it, you can use it as a normal vertical smartphone.

This prototype was presented by TCL through CNET. According to this, the product name and release date were not disclosed, and there was no operation screen. In its current state, it can be viewed as proposing a new form.

Of course, in the case of foldable smartphones, the first release of the product was delayed once due to the design of the hinge part of the Galaxy Fold. Huawei Mate X, a rival model, also has a similar problem, and the release date has been announced after 10 months from announcement to release.

TCL prototypes can also face hinge design problems if they are put into production. Of course, this is not the first time that the concept of a foldable smartphone made in a three-fold style was unveiled. China’s Xiaomi released a teaser video for a smartphone that folds three times in January. However, Xiaomi’s concept model differs slightly from the TCL’s folding method. It was a style that opened both folds to the outside.

In addition, Xiaomi also announced a model called Mi Mix Alpha. It is trying to avoid the problem of the hinge part of the foldable smartphone by taking the form of using a flexible display as a display from the side to the rear. Anyway, the reality is that the hinge design problem is hindering it, but it can be thought that the foldable display still has a lot of room for ideas. Related information can be found here .



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