NVIDIA “Free Genome Analysis Tool to Corona 19 Researchers”

Nvidia announced that it will provide its genome sequencing software tool, Parabricks, free of charge for 90 days, regardless of the content of research related to Corona 19. Explain that the period may be extended if necessary.

Parabrix is a genome analysis toolkit using GPUs. It uses the power of the GPU to help complete tasks that have taken days so far in just a few hours. Access to NVIDIA GPUs is required to run the Parabrix gene sequence family, but such a software execution environment is also free. This can be of great help to researchers related to Corona 19.

Although the speed of gene sequencing has improved rapidly over the past few years, it is true that doing so still requires a huge amount of computational resources. The Parabrix technology, acquired by Nvidia in 2019, can process whole human genome sequencing in less than an hour. Moreover, only one server is used instead of using the entire server farm.

Speed is an important part of the virus spread and its efforts to prevent respiratory diseases. The lack of reliable information in drug therapy and vaccine research and development is also a major problem. When infected with a virus, it is necessary to do as much sequencing as possible in the shortest time possible to understand the characteristics of the patient’s gene structure after treatment. Through this, the discovery and practical use of general treatments and immunotherapy can be accelerated. Related information can be found here .



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