Recreating the Earth in life-size on Minecraft?

Even in a game with a map size of 4,096 million km 2 , the massive Minecraft launches Project Build The Earth, which attempts to reproduce the Earth itself in life-size.

This project is already in some form, so you can see that Everest and Grand Canyon are made of Minecraft. In the case of Everest, the snow mountain was formed into blocks, but of course, it takes a lot of time as it is a method of manually stacking blocks one by one. Here, we use MOD (Terra 1to1) to create a map in real time from Earth elevation data provided online, and MOD (OpenCubicChunks) to lift the height limit in the game. This makes it possible to express almost infinite height. In Minecraft, blocks can only be stacked up to 255 floors, but through this, Everest, which reaches 8,848 m above sea level, can appear.

In addition, the Grand Canyon, Yosemite National Park, Icelandic Highlands, Maui Island, Hawaii, and Antarctica are reproduced with Minecraft. Of course, the entire planet is not completely completed. In the case of Egyptian paramids, they are simply earthy mountains, or the mountains that should be filled with snow are green. Since the Minecraft world is flat, it is impossible to create a spherical Earth. If you exceed the North Pole, which is the edge of the map, an endless snow field spreads. For this reason, he is studying a virtual world that expresses the end of the world as a magnificent cliff. In addition, there is a problem that the city is simply a grassland state, and no artifacts such as buildings are expressed.

Those who want to realize the Earth are recreating cities around the world for this reason. There are reports of the creation of the Washington DC Capitol through the community (BuildTheEarth) launched on the online bulletin board Reddit. In addition, in order to maintain massive server costs, it has also raised investments ranging from $2 to $50 per month through a crowdfunding platform (Patreon). Related information can be found here .



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