Google, the Taiwanese government, the current Ministry of Foreign Affairs… Zoom in restricted use

With the spread of Corona 19, online classes and remote work through video conferencing software Zoom are spreading worldwide. However, in proportion to this, numerous problems with security have been pointed out and some schools in the United States have been banned from use.

In addition, it is said that public institutions such as the Taiwanese government and the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as well as Google, have also banned their use within the organization and imposed strict restrictions. According to reports, the Taiwanese government issued a statement not to use services such as Zum because of concerns about security flaws. There are precedents such as SpaceX, NASA, and the New York State Education Department, but this is the first time a government has banned it altogether.

In another report, the outside of Germany disseminated that the risk of security or data protection weakness was too high, and restricted the use of zoom. However, since the use of zoom is widespread among national agencies, it is not generally prohibited, and it is reported that it can be used as a dedicated device for business in a crisis situation. Of course, I don’t know more details, but I don’t know if I need to disconnect from the network with another PC.

Google has also been listed as a company that restricts use of zoom. For security vulnerabilities, employees were prevented from using the Zoom desktop client on their work computers. Google admits that this is true and has a policy that does not allow employees to use unauthorized apps to connect the company’s network with the outside world. Zum doesn’t meet the security standards for applications used by employees.

However, Google is not completely banned. It doesn’t matter if you use the web browser version or the mobile version to keep in touch with your family or friends using Zoom. The point is that if you don’t have the Zoom Client installed on your work PC and work from home, you won’t have a problem unless you’re connected to a corporate network, including a VPN.

Anyway, such privacy and security issues have adversely affected Zoom Video Communications’ stock price, which has already been subject to class action lawsuits from shareholders. Related information can be found here .



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