Begins to introduce expandable COVID-19 container ward

The Italian design studio concept is prototyped in a matter of weeks and installed in the Turin hospital. This container house-style intensive care unit (ICU) called Connected Units for Respiratory Ailments (CURA), so the concept of a special treatment facility in the hospital was introduced by Italian design studio Carlo Ratti Associati (CRA), and Jacobs, a doctor, architect, novelist, and engineering company. (Jacobs), technology company Phillips, and Italian bank UniCredit, more than 2,000 people participated in the project to develop prototypes. CURA means cure in Latin.

The CURA prototype is built in a general cargo container. There are two beds for COVID-19 patients inside, and there are large windows on the side. If you are hospitalized with Corona 19, you will not be able to visit the hospital, but the CURA, which is installed outdoors, allows visitors to see the patient thanks to the window. In addition, the patient can see the face of the family, which can be a little reassuring.

The container part that becomes the hospital room is connected to each other by a section that is inflated like a balloon that acts as a corridor, allowing doctors and nurses to travel around. The sections can be extended to any number of times, allowing any number of additional container rooms to be connected if space permits. In addition, there is an effect that air containing viruses does not blow out.

In addition to the bed, the CURA prototype is equipped with all the equipment necessary for the patient, such as a ventilator and a monitor, and it is said that 90 people have been installed and used in a hospital in Turin, Italy. In addition, CURA installation is in progress in other countries besides Italy, such as the UAE and Canada. Related information can be found here .



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