Virgin Galactic launches spacecraft test

SpaceShipTwo, developed by Virgin Galactic, has made its first test flight at SpaceportAmerica, a space station in New Mexico, for the first time.

This time, it was a glide test at an altitude of 15,000m. Although it was not ignited by a rocket engine and climbed to outer space, it would have been a new experience for pilots who have tested flight in the Mobahi desert and other places so far. In 2019, WhiteKnightTwo, a parent aircraft carrying Spaceship Two, moved to Spaceport America. After that, I went back to Mobahi Airport and conducted the Spaceship Two flight test until February.

George Whitesides, CEO of Virgin Galactic, said that the first test flight at Spaceport Ameriga was carried out with strict countermeasures against COVID-19, and that the work has been redesigned for a safe flight test.

Virgin Galactic did not clearly state when Spaceship2 will go to space with passengers. However, looking at the progress of the test flight, it is expected that the timing will be revealed at least within the year. The boarding pass is currently known for $250,000, but more than 600 people have already booked it. On space travel provided by Spaceship2, passengers can experience weightlessness for a few minutes, while outside the window they can see the mud-like universe and the blue Earth’s outlines below. Related information can be found here .



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