Kickstarter lays off up to 45% of employees

It is reported that Kickster is ready to cut its staff by 45%. The reason is that the number of projects carrying out financing campaigns has declined far more than usual amid increasing uncertainty caused by the Corona 19 epidemic.

Countries with a large aftermath of the corona19 infection are taking measures to restrict movement, but this does not mean that they are not investing in crowdfunding projects at all. However, considering that both large corporations and factories are shutting down, and Kickstarter also saw a 25% decline in April, the decline is likely to continue for the time being.

Kickstarter’s source of income is the commission you receive from a successful campaign. Margins have decreased since before the crisis, and it is a situation that we do not know when the situation will improve. There is also talk of dismissal of employees due to the reduction in the number of projects, but according to OPEIU, a union organization that Kickstarter employees have joined, dismissal can affect 45% of the total. However, this number explains that after knowing the number of employees who choose to retire voluntarily, they will know the amount of layoffs necessary for the company’s strategic needs.

Kickstarter provides 4 months of severance pay and 6 months of medical insurance for employees who respond to layoffs. It also allowed them to get a job at a competitor immediately after retirement. It is also possible to return the retiree to their original position if they become available for re-employment at the company within one year.

Kickstarter is discouraged by the fact that the management was unable to avoid this situation, but said the agreement with the union was well over. Explained that he believed he would do it. Related information can be found here .



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