$ 1 trillion companies, led by Apple questions

On August 2, Apple’s corporate value exceeded $ 1 trillion ($ 1,129.5 trillion) in value. It is the first company in the United States to be named a $ 1 trillion enterprise. In the background of Apple’s name for a $ 1 trillion company, Apple usually tends to see a drop in sales in the third quarter, but in the third quarter of this year, it succeeded in capturing high profits thanks to the high price of the iPhone. The share price has surged on the back of expectations, and market cap exceeded 1 trillion dollars in an instant.

Of course, as market changes continue, there is a possibility that the total market value of 1 trillion dollars will be lower than the market value. However, Apple is expected to see its 4Q earnings improve this year. After all, Apple is the first company in the US to raise $ 1 trillion in business, but the world’s first $ 1 trillion company was named as China’s oil and natural gas company in 2007, have. Amazon, one of the most notable companies nowadays, also has $ 1 trillion in market capitalization.

Anyway, Apple is the first company in the United States to be named a $ 1 trillion company, but until the mid-1990s it was pushed to the brink of bankruptcy. In this situation, Apple saved Steve Jobs, the founder who just returned. His analysis of what he threw was the driving force behind Apple’s revival and growth as America’s largest company today.

As it is well known, Apple was founded in 1977 by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. Seven years later, in 1985, the board was actually deported to Jobs and the young entrepreneur had to leave Apple. Jobs was causing confusion in the business.

After leaving Apple in 1985, Jobs founded a new company, NeXT, and later developed NeXTSTEP, an innovative object-oriented operating system that will be the foundation for Mac OS and iOS. I can see his thoughts about his technique in his interview at the time. He says that what he has done up to now is a strange thing, and by the time he turns 50, all the products he has developed so far will be useless. It’s been a long time since products such as Apple® II and Apple® I have become obsolete, and the Macintosh will soon.

Jobs says his work is not making pictures that have been on display for centuries, and he says he is building things that are obsolete and disappear after 10 years of development. He says, “Can you use Apple I now?” He says that his work is like making a rock with a stone, but it is like climbing up a stratum to raise a mountain, but people can not see the stratum inside. Of course, a geologist might be able to assess strata, but most of them are not, and the world in which he is confronted is quite different from the Renaissance era.

So what’s the secret to bringing Apple to a $ 1 trillion enterprise? If you go back to Apple again, Apple will continue to be in a state of chaos, and in the next 90 days, you will have a bank deposit. Jobs returned to Apple in 1997. Jobs, who returned as a part-time consultant in February of the same year, becomes a temporary CEO in August of the same year. Afterwards, Jobs is making a brilliant return with the iMac G3 (iMac G3), which has been a hot topic with its semi-transparent body, in 1998, releasing the iPod, a revolutionary portable music player market,

Jobs took over as CEO in September 1997 and eight weeks later reveals details for Apple’s reconstruction. This content remains as an image. In this video, which is now known as “Think different,” Jobs refers to how Apple can revive, referring to brands such as Nike, Disney, Coca-Cola and Sony, among the best.

He refers to Nike and Nike is a company that sells consumer goods, but consumers who buy Nike products say they have a special feeling for the brand. Nike does not market as much as how good its products are and what is better than its competitors. Instead, Nike will show respect for the best players and outstanding matches. He explains that this is a representative example of what Nike is and what Nike is doing.

Jobs will arrange for 70% of Apple’s lineup and fix 30%. This is due to the analysis that customers are confused because there are too many models. He asks what Apple is, what it is doing in the world, and where it is. At the time, Apple was pushing for performance competitions and model expansion strategies with IBM-compatible PCs and Windows. But Jobs does not think Apple’s strength is here. Apple’s core value is that people who have a passion can change the world, and that by using Apple computers, they can tell how their lives are changing, how things are changing, and increase brand power to reach top brands like Nike and Sony. .

As a result, 20 years after Jobs’ speech, Apple has grown to become a $ 1 trillion company, surpassing Nike and Disney. His question is not just about his success in front of his eyes, but about his essential success. Who they are and what they will offer to their customers. This is how important the question is.



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